Rich Raspberry Aged Balsamic Vinegar 375ml


Deliciously sweet raspberry flavors pair amazingly well with our aged balsamic vinegar. This fruity indulgence can be used on your favorite ice creams, deserts, and even in main courses.  Makes a wonderful salad dressing and marinade for beef.

Perfect Pairings with the Rich Raspberry Aged Balsamic:

Pair it with the Oregano Infuse EVOO for an incredible dipping sauce. Also goes great with any of our traditional EVOO’s, Cracked Black Pepper Infused EVOO, Scallion Infused EVOO, Roasted Garlic Infused EVOO, Roasted Chili Infused EVOO, Jalapeno Infused EVOO, Spicy Habanero Infused EVOO and Garlic/Mushroom Fused EVOO.



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