Collection: Infused & Flavored Olive Oils

Our Infused & Flavored Olive Oils are imported from Tunisia and Spain. Both of these rich olive oils used for our Infused  & Flavored Olive Oils are Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO), first-cold pressed, are very light.  When infused with a spice or flavored with fruit, taste of the infusion comes alive! To align International Olive Oil requirements, we do not insert EVOO in the name due to the altering of the oil with the addition of the infusion or flavor added.  Although the label says Olive Oil, our Infused and Flavored Olive Oils are infused in a Spanish or Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil or EVOO.  Both are extremely  nutritious as well as flavorful.  For more information on the nutritional value of our oils, go to our "Nutrition Tab" and select "Infused and Flavored Olive Oils". You may also go to our FAQ page to read further information on our products and services.